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Hauraki Music Jury 11-21-13



Well feck me – It’s DECEMBER! Where the hell did that come from!?

Now we are all basking in the Traffic Light System (as explained beautifully by the office of G.Lane HERE), we can all expect to tear summer a new one – just like old times.

However to tear it a proper one we’d like to make sure we are playing the right summer tunes. Tunes that will have you throwing goats out the car window and annoying the in laws on Boxing Day.

Please have a hoon on the HAURAKI MUSIC JURY below – and let us know what you like and hate. And also let us know what tunes you want to hear more of this summer. Do it and you can win some cool shit.

PLUS while I have you here we have a brand new Hamilton built FC Boat worth over $55k to give away this summer – the 5th boat time we have done it and it’s VERY simple to win. Just name it.  Text BOAT to 3483 to get the details or buy anything from Boating & Outdoors this summer.

I love you – have a great summer out there and remember ‘if you get caught with it… swallow it’.